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some songs…

11 يناير

some songs kill you…other put some life in you

some songs pull you from your shirt…other cover you in the coldest winter

some songs slap you in your face…other make you look like  smiley face

some songs are just soooo sad sooooooo true , so you

you feel that it is you ,you are the lyrics , the melody is your arms and singer voice is yore blood

other songs tell you how silly you are ! just coz you are willing to listen and repeat them

there is a song that never die , a song that create a net around your memory

and some other song dare to share your secret pain with other people

some songs drive you crazy with high-speed ,ticking tick tick tick in your brain  waiting for your great explosion

and there is a song for you and me ,,,with roses , hope and kiss in cheek

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