my new Mr. Perfect

29 أكتوبر

He is totally my type . I said that from the first time I saw him ..Mr.  Perfect that everyone respect and admire. He has that mix of charm and kindness ..killing me with his seriousness .. He can’t be silly even for a while… He is that rock of silent ..full of secrets…no one can break that shell  ..But every one just glad to have him listening ..understanding ..supporting and of course give golden advice ..

How wise  !…

He is totally my type because I am listening to the same old talk about how good he is ?….how polite , gentle, generous and religious he is ?… I can sense the same old trap that capture girls and gather friends… He can neglect them all from time to time yet they give him excuses. One big smile, one nice gesture or one phone call and that’s it ..They are back

He looks at me… I freeze…and it all coming back to me…Flashs of memories. I remember or let’s say I live within those memories. Seen him trying to be open with me only ,,telling me his life story… Simply he says you are beautiful…Simply it became my favorite word, it become annoying yet great song with his voice repeating it in my head.

He is you… only in a different place with different fan club. I am only filling my empty heart ..yaah ..the one you left  ..that heart need him to replace you …I need him to be you

It is not going to work I know ..but at least ..I will get the same old screams for him club happy cheering screams ..What a catch? How lucky I am? And all that old sad nice things repeated about been with Mr. Perfect





3 تعليقات to “my new Mr. Perfect”

  1. ramrode 29 أكتوبر 2010 في 16:58 #

    amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aseft 10 أغسطس 2011 في 21:38 #

    hello eiman
    your new mr.perfect lol you keep changing …
    we cant helo you know women cant stop dreaming..
    may alalh tala provide you your mr perfect
    well you one dosent has to master the language to speak in it and you are wonderful in english please do write in english and i was wondering what you do as you said you have a coworker what kid of work do saudi femaels do and wehre can we find them lol lil curious lol

    • moshahidah 11 أغسطس 2011 في 16:11 #

      Dear aseft , thanks for the visit . glad you like my writing

      I am not Saudi .I am Sudanese used to live in Saudi Arabia and still in touch with people there. Therefor,maha blog is important for me  
      However , what a saudi women do as job ? let me answer this
      they work as doctors , nurses , as business women even novel writers
      they win prizes from Harvard, nomination for nobile
      -did hear about

      Manal Ashareef ,
      a women’s rights activist
      Internet Security Consultant working for Saudi Aramco

      Rajaa al-Sanea

      the list gose on you can search and find many

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