very special yet so normal

28 سبتمبر

my  cousin daughter has some problems  -she can’t do things kids her age do- lets say she has special needs . When i saw her i freeze for a moment then start acting normal , i try as much as i can to be normal and that exactly what makes me feel bad. I don’t have the courage to deal with people with this kind of problems without feeling sorry for them . I just can’t stop the sad song playing in my head with melon thought of how could they survive .

The whole time i was trying not to look in his short legs ..avoiding to compare his little arm and his big hand . My colleague has special body not the normal sizes not so matching ..yet he has super brain ..

One of my Coworker is  special too . I don’t know how to describe him ,However lets say that he deals with his pc more easily than people .he is a geek a great programmer but can be very wearied and strange when it comes to human. yet he has friends and i think we all loved him .

Special people make us look stupid Because . the handle their problems normally in a daily basis and we can’t even treat then normal


Do u feel the same ? comments ..argue or disagree ..sorry for my language ..English is my second language

Now i will leave you with this armless ,legless very spceial normal man


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